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Degrassi is just a place full of games and lies.

Degrassi is just a place full of games and lies.
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Welcome to gamesandlies_rp, a Degrassi RPG that was just reopened. We aren't going by episodes, but this is set for Season 5, meaning paige/alex/craig are in grade 12. If you'd like to follow one of the characters storylines, you certainly can, but THE EPISODE MUST HAVE ALREADY BEEN ON THE-N! Just so we don't spoil anything =].We will accept some OC's but they have to be original. And we will not accept OC's unless most of the original characters are filled up. Much love, your moderators Alicia and Skittles

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1. Please no OOC drama, it's so pointless
2. Update once a week. If you get bored, it's okay to leave more updates.
3. Don't kill off your character, because that would be mean. But other drama that doesn't involve death is very encouraged.
4. If accepted add all members to your friends list and AIM lists, please also add the community.
5. Before you apply, you must have a first entry up...If you don't, you will get rejected. I just want to see how you rp and if you are like the character you're applying for.
6. When posting Out of Character put your words in brackets, like ((Jay is such a pimp))
7. If you're going on vacation or something of that nature and can't update, please inform me.

So I know you read the rules please put "If you want peace, prepare for war" in the subject of your application

[[bolded means most needed ;; italics means held]]
Character List

Grade 12-

Spinner Mason:
Ellie Nash:
Alex Nunez: lexxi_owns_you | AIM: Im Just Alex ox
Ashley Kerwin: o0acid_rain0o | AIM: Poetically Lostx
Hazel Aden:
Jimmy Brooks:
Craig Manning:: rock_star_craig | AIM: rckstrcrg
Terri McGreggor:
Marco Del Rossi:
Paige Michalchuk: simplyxpaige | AIM: sweet xo paige

Grade 11-

Emma Nelson: envrmntcrsdrem | AIM: brokensmileemma
Darcy Edwards: dadarcyy | AIM: durr darcy
Manny Santos: x___manny | AIM: miss manuella x
Sean Cameron: wasaga_run_away | AIM: obscenenotscene
JT Yorke:
Toby Isaacs:
Liberty Van Zandt:
Peter Stone:
Chris Sharpe:

Grade 10-

Kendra Mason:
Danny Van Zandt:

Out of School-

Jay Hogart: pimpin_hogart69 | AIM: pimpinhogart
Dylan Michalchuck:
Matt Oleander (Mr. Oleander):

Tom Parsons: toms_the_bomb | AIM: StuddedSocialist

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Alicia: lilxdollxface | AIM: xxfr3ak4uxx
Skittles: 3dbasketcase | AIM: skittles x rayn

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