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Read the rules before applying here, they could possibly contain information needed for your application. winnnkss.

Character Name:
Character LJ:
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If you have any questions, please Instant Message me 'xxfr3ak4uxx' or e-mail me at fr3ak0918@yahoo.com

Thank you and goodnight *dim lights*
Alicia Ann ;; Jay Hogart. [community moderator]
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This post will tell you whos taken, I will update this everytime someone is added into the rp or taken out. Also if I some how forget to update the userinfo, it will give nonmembers an idea about whos open to apply for.

Taken Characters
Alex Nunez: lexxi_owns_you | AIM: Im Just Alex ox
Jay Hogart: pimpin_hogart69 | AIM: pimpinhogart
Manny Santos: x___manny | AIM: miss manuella x
Paige Michalchuk: simplyxpaige | AIM: sweet xo paige
Emma Nelson:envrmntcrsdrem | AIM: brokensmileemma
Ashley Kerwin: o0acid_rain0o | AIM: Poetically Lostx
Tom Parsons: toms_the_bomb | AIM: StuddedSocialist
Craig Manning: rock_star_craig | AIM: RckStrCrg
Sean Cameron: wasaga_run_away | AIM: obscenenotscene


Other than that, this is also the entry you can comment on to be affiliates with this rp. It must be degrassi related, it doesn't have to be a RP. Thanks people.

Your Mod
Alicia Ann